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Our lives are insane

Kris Smith talks Dannii, daddy duties and his busy career as a Myer ambassador
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Kris Smith

Standing under the famed Hollywood sign, Kris Smith whips off his T-shirt – to audible gasps from passing female hikers in Los Angeles’ Beachwood Canyon. It’s easy to understand why the British ex-rugby player-turned-model caught the eye of Dannii Minogue. The happy new mum has said about her man: ‘I look at Kris and go, "How did I get a guy like that?" He’s gorgeous, and so gentle and kind.’

Indeed, he is a great catch. ‘I hate being away from them, and I miss them so much,’ Kris says of Dannii, whom he met in a club in Ibiza in 2008, and their son, Ethan, seven months.

The former sports star has taken to modelling like a duck to water. ‘I am like the swan – elegant on top but paddling like mad underneath!’ he laughs. Unsurprisingly, he was the star attraction at the recent G’Day USA celebrations, where he helped promote Myer and Australia Week. He also found time to sit down with OK! for a candid chat about his trip to LA, fatherhood and whether a marriage proposal is on the way…

How do you feel being a dad?
There are no words that could describe how it feels to be a father. It turns your life upside down and nothing is ever the same, and you never, ever want it any other way. Ethan dictates everything that goes on in our lives now, and he’s the happiest, most amazing baby ever. He’s incredible.

Dannii is 39, you’re 32 – are there pros and cons when it comes to the age difference?
I find older women are more chilled-out and relaxed because they’ve had experience; they’ve been there and done that. So it’s never been an issue. We’ve had the odd joke with each other…

So tell us, will 2011 be the year of a proposal?
Maybe. Maybe not. I’m not going to say either way.

What about another little one?
I would like more children, but Ethan is getting all our attention at the minute. It’s difficult when we’re not in the same place… To leave Dannii on her own with two children – or for me to be in that position – at this moment in time, could be difficult.

And Dannii is busy, too…
She works non-stop. It’s mind-blowing to me. I’m extremely proud of her. I wish she’d sit back and take relaxation time at some point… but that’s the way she is. She’s so inclined to work hard and strive for things. I’m more laid-back.

You balance each other out.
I think that’s what it is. When she stops working for a bit, I would love to take the family away somewhere [and] kick back.

Your life is so different now – it’s a long way from the rugby pitch…
If you had told me [my life would be like] this four years ago, I would have said you needed locking up! Myer has been great to me. I am contracted until November, so a long-term goal would be to – fingers crossed – get that extended. I’m having a great time and will ride the wave as long as it lasts.

Do you like how Australia has adopted you?
I do. Australia is the most amazing place. I never, ever get tired of it. The way of life, it’s incredible, and the people are great. There’s just something about Australia. When you land there – no matter whether it’s for the first or the fifth time – to me, it always feels like home.

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