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At home with Roxy Jacenko

Far from the drama of Celebrity Apprentice, Roxy Jacenko’s luxury home is an oasis of calm
Roxy Jacenko

It’s an hour after OK! are scheduled to wrap on our photo shoot at PR Queen Roxy Jacenko’s stunning abode in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, and our photographer is still snapping away at her deluxe rooms and their treasures.

Busy bee Roxy, who created Sweaty Betty PR at the tender age of 24 and who now, at 32, has nurtured it into a multimillion-dollar company with a dedication that would shock most (she was firing off work emails three hours after giving birth), has little time for late-running shoots.

Nevertheless, the tough businesswoman we’ve come to know on Channel 9’s latest offering of Celebrity Apprentice Australia doesn’t ask us to leave. In fact, there’s no complaint from our hostess, who has kindly opened up the home she shares with her husband of just over a year, stockbroker Oliver ‘Ollie’ Curtis, and their daughter, 18-month-old Pixie Rose.

While the remaining photographs of the four-level home, complete with a white Ferrari neatly tucked away in the garage (Roxy’s wedding gift from Ollie), are taken, OK! sat down with the lady who seems to have it all
– from a wall of Birkin bags to her own book – to chat about her home and how hard work got her to where she is today.

Thanks for inviting us into your home; how long have you been living here?
About 18 months. Before that, I lived just around the corner in a quaint, small cottage with Ollie, but we realised we needed something more comfortable and spacious for when Pixie arrived. We needed extra rooms and another bathroom.

Why did you agree to star in Celebrity Apprentice?
It was a great opportunity to raise money for charity. It didn’t require much thought… when you’re given an opportunity, grab it and give it 500 per cent.

Did you have a strategy?
I remember lying in bed, thinking I better stop swearing because it’s not going to be good if they have to bleep out every single word I say.

What else is coming up for you?
My second book, following the success of Strictly Confidential, is coming out in December - it’s called The Insider. It’s basically an extension of the first book, and you could say it’s factional rather than fictional.

For the full interview and pics, pick up a copy of this week’s OK! magazine, on sale now!

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