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Life after Kyle

OK! joins Tamara Jaber in LA to chat about going solo in love and her career – and drinking with David Beckham
Tamara Jaber

‘We’ve been out every night until 5am!’ Tamara Jaber beams when she greets us in West Hollywood. She’s remarkably full of energy and looking very fresh-faced for someone who’s spent the first week of her new life as a single woman in LA hitting up the nightlife and making friends in high places.

‘I was at the Beverly Hills Hotel and David Beckham was walking towards me, looking at me like he knew me. He came over and said, "Do I know you?" We had a drink together…’ she says, adding, ‘and last night we were watching a ball game with all these guys and I got invited to a Chicago Bulls game!’

It’s definitely an exciting time for the 28-year-old, who’s endured an emotional 12 months in which she split up with her shock jock husband, Kyle Sandilands – whom she’d been in a relationship with since she was 19.

The singer/songwriter, who refers to her old self as a ‘Stepford wife’, admits that she coped with her marriage breakdown by throwing herself into last year’s Dancing with the Stars (so spectacular were her moves, she was runner-up) but says she eventually had to face the pain.

‘People would come up and tell me I was handling it so well, but it was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through in my life,’ she reveals.

Now, she’s not only split from Kyle and trying to navigate life as a single girl after almost 10 years in a relationship, but she’s also left behind Reigan Derry and their band, Scarlett Belle, to carve out a solo career in the US and the Middle East. OK! spends the day with her in LA…

For the full interview, pick up a copy of this week’s OK! magazine, on sale now!

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