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Phoebe Tonkin: ‘Living in LA is crazy!’

Dating, driving and dinner parties, the Aussie starlet talks to OK! about her new life in Hollywood
Phoebe Tonkin

Phoebe Tonkin is looking tanned and terrific as she arrives at the OK! photo shoot, thanks to spending the previous day aboard a boat on Sydney Harbour with Mel B and her husband, Stephen Belafonte. No doubt she’d already caught a few rays over in sunny California, where she now lives, thanks toa recurring role in The Vampire Diaries

With a West Hollywood apartment in the same building as her good friend and Vampire Diaries co-star, Claire Holt, and not far from her bestie, Teresa Palmer, Phoebe, 23, is living the dream of any young actress on the rise. 

It’s been two years since she starred in Aussie adventure flick Tomorrow, When the War Began, alongside Lincoln Lewis and Caitlin Stasey, and today she’s busy fielding questions from the crew – who’ve all read the books the movie was based on – about whether there will be a sequel. ‘There was talk about it,’ Phoebe says, ‘but I was 18 then and the sequel is supposed to be the day after – and we’ve all changed so much.’ 

Phoebe started acting when she was 15 and soon after landed a role in H20: Just Add Water, which was filmed on the Gold Coast. A few episodes in Home and Away and Packed to the Rafters followed before Hollywood beckoned, but, as soon as she’d arrived, she got the call to return home for Tomorrow

Since then, she’s shot Bait 3D and returned to Los Angeles to star in The Secret Circle, a show about six teenage witches. Despite the show getting cancelled after one season, it did help her secure the 

role of Hayley in The Vampire Diaries.

Back home for a visit, and with the shoot now out of the way, Phoebe chats to OK! about LA and its dating scene, and how she longs to return to work in Australia – if she doesn’t move to New York that is…

So you’re living in LA now?

I am. I was in Vancouver filming The Secret Circle for 10 months, but I’ve got my apartment, a car and friends in LA, so I guess Sydney and Los Angeles are both home now.

How often do you get back to Australia?

I haven’t been back since last New Year’s Eve, so it’s been a while. My little sister turned 21 and I wanted to surprise her, so that was the main reason [for this visit]. 

Are you going to hang around for Christmas?

I’m not sure yet. I’ll wait and see what my mum wants me to do.

How did your role as Hayley in The Vampire Diaries come about?

I went to LA last year for pilot season and I got cast in The Secret Circle. The same studio and network also have Vampire Diaries, and I had expressed that I wanted to stay within that family. They have such great shows, such as Gossip Girl and Arrow, so they found a character that suited me in Vampire Diaries.

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