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OK! spends the day in Sin City with The X Factor’s newest addition – party rocker Redfoo!

Stefan Gordy is a hard man to pin down. Better known to fans by his quirky moniker, Redfoo, the lead singer of LMFAO is busy working on his music, designing out-there creations for his La Freak clothing line, practising his forehand on the tennis court and acting as mentor and judge on The X Factor Australia.

When OK! caught up with the larrikin in Las Vegas, he was gearing up for a wild Fourth of July pool party at The Wynn Resort and Casino’s Encore Beach Club. Joined by his Belarusian tennis champion girlfriend Victoria ‘Vika’ Azarenka, 23, the 37-year-old was clearly in his element.

‘The pool party was incredible,’ he gushed to OK! afterwards. ‘The pool is the ultimate party place. You have half-naked people ready to party, you have the pool and I had my American flag underwear briefs on! It’s probably my favourite venue.’

Foo credits his exuberant personality with landing him the coveted spot on X Factor – alongside Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Ronan Keating and Dannii Minogue. And after being embraced so warmly by his fellow judges and the Australian public during the audition rounds, he can’t wait to get back to Sydney for the live shows.

‘The fans were so pumped up and they were so happy to see Redfoo. It was very welcoming and warming,’ he says, adding, ‘I’ll be going back at the end of August and I’ll be staying in Bondi Beach. I’m really looking forward to it.’

OK! sat down with the self-described ‘ball of energy’ for an animated chat…

How did you get involved with X Factor?
The opportunity came about during the Australian Open. I was there to support my girlfriend, Vika, and I was playing around on camera, doing some dances and stuff, and I think that was one part of it, visually. The producers flew out to my studio in Hollywood and they schooled me on what The X Factor was, and I learned that I could be a mentor – I thought it was just about judging.

What type of judge are you?
I like to be very real, but sympathetic. I sometimes see the potential in someone that I think the other judges might not be able to see. I really react when someone takes me to another place and makes me imagine something. It might not even matter if they’re not at perfect pitch or what their stage presence is; sometimes it can just be the voice that takes me there.

What is X-factor to you?
Before LMFAO, there wasn’t really anything like that, so I’m kind of looking for something I haven’t seen before. I don’t know exactly what it is and that’s what X-factor is for me – it’s a thing where, once you see it, you know it, and everyone will know it.

What’s happening with LMFAO – are you and SkyBlu on permanent hiatus?
We’re on vacation. Sky’s just released his solo album. We put in a lot of work and we did a lot of stuff and he’s got some creative ideas that he needs to get out and I’ve got some creative ideas that I need to get out – like X Factor, and I’m in this movie called Last Vegas [starring Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro and Michael Douglas, in which Foo cameos as a DJ and pool-party host], which hits cinemas this November, and I’m also writing a movie.

For the full interview, pick up a copy of this week’s OK! magazine, on sale now!

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