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The Dancing With The Stars' beauty shows off her hard-earned bod and how she got it!

She’s currently wowing the crowds with her stint on Dancing with the Stars, showing off her hard-earned bod in those figure-flashing costumes.

But Rhiannon Fish has another major motivation for looking so great – she’s off to Hollywood!’

‘I’m moving to LA at the start of next year,’ she reveals. ‘I’m just so excited about getting over there and seeing what I can do.’

While she’s itching to get her Stateside career underway, for now, the 22-year-old Home and Away star is keeping her beach-body in check for her role as the Piping Hot swimwear ambassador and spending plenty of time with boyfriend Reece Mastin, 18.

You look amazing! What kind of exercise are you doing?
I do personal training four times a week and Pilates five times a week. I also dance a minimum of seven hours a day for DWTS.

What’s your go-to exercise when you only have a small window of time?
Definitely running. Even 20 minutes is great!

Are you enjoying DWTS?
It’s a killer! I have never trained so hard for anything in my entire life. Not only is it physically exhausting, it’s also incredibly mentally draining. I am absolutely loving it, though!

Who do you think is your biggest threat?
Cosentino, for sure! Not only is he an incredible dancer… he can also do magic tricks!

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