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Sami’s Baby Battle

Sami Lukis catches up with OK! six months on from making her documentary, Sami’s Baby, in which she set out to become a single mum – only to meet a man at the end…
Sami Lukis

‘I wish I had some exciting news for you,’ Sami Lukis says reluctantly when we meet at her apartment in central Sydney. If you saw her heartfelt documentary, Sami’s Baby – that was filmed in 2010 and aired on LifeStyle YOU this year – you’d know exactly what she’s referring to.

The television and radio personality bravely put herself on camera as she revealed, physically and emotionally, her uncompromising desire to have a baby at the age of 40.

As a single woman, she’d decided to undergo ovarian reserve tests and was shocked by the results that proved she was fast running out of time to conceive. Sami started researching her options – including IVF and finding a sperm donor – until a chance meeting with a stranger one night threw her full-speed into a new relationship.

Here, Sami, now 41, openly chats to OK! about finding inner peace after a tumultuous 12 months that saw her consumed by thoughts of becoming pregnant, what happened with her mystery man, her Eat Pray Love moment in Bali and the fears she’s facing as she continues her quest to have a child…

So how are things going – are you pregnant?
No, I’m not pregnant.

At the end of your documentary, you met a guy… Are you still together?
I’m single. He is still a very big part of my life and one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever met, but no, we’re not in a relationship.

Why didn’t it work out?
A million reasons, I guess. Unfortunately, it just didn’t feel like he was the man I was going to spend the rest of my life with. It was the toughest break-up ever, because here was a man who initially seemed to be the answer to my prayers.

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  • What if we know someone that Sami may be interested in? Some one genuine. Report this»

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