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We raid the kitchen of the model and TV presenter to find out what she stocks in her fridge

Where do you do your grocery shopping?
I go to the Marrickville Markets in Sydney to get all of my fresh fruit and vegies. I’ll mix it up with things from [wholefoods store] About Life and if I need basics throughout the week, just my local Coles or Woolworths.

What are five items we'd always find in your fridge?
Lots of green leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli and zucchini; berries, goat yoghurt, fish and eggs. I also have Chlorophyll in my fridge, which I put into my water.

How do you stay healthy on the run?
I always pack snacks. Fruit is a really good snack to take along. It gives you a good burst of energy, its low in sugar and it’s natural. Nuts, I’ll take almonds or macadamia nuts (they’re probably my favourite) and then I make up tahini balls or kale chips which are nice little treats along the way. I probably would never buy a packet of chips or muesli bars as I usually find everything has too much sugar in them or they are processed so I make a lot of my own.

How do you stay healthy when eating out?
I order things without the sauce or I put the sauce on the side. I think a lot of the time they over dress things or they put dressing on the salad. And then just making sure you’re going for things like meat and vegetables which are always good. It’s about making smart choices. The waiter always has good knowledge of what’s on the menu so you can ask what’s in the dishes, I always ask if I’m unsure about something. But I do tend to keep it really simple when I eat out like grilled piece of fish with vegetables or a nice salad.

Do you entertain a lot?
All the time. I love having people over, I don’t have big house but I always invite lots of people over which can be a bit crowded at times. But I love a big glass of red wine and a really beautiful meal. Everyone will bring something or I’ll make a big roast dinner, I love entertaining!

How important is diet and exercise in your career?
It’s super important. I work in an industry that’s image based. And now that I’ve signed on with Wonderbra I have to make sure I’m bikini ready all the time. I work with so many brands that promote health and fitness so for me it’s a big part of my life.

How does exercise factor in with your diet?
I do lots of exercise and try to do something every day. Whether it’s a run or Xtend Barre, stretching or yoga… Even just walking around.

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