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Red, blotchy skin

Q. I have red blotched skin on my face, is there a non-chemical treatment to correct it?

A. If what you have is rosacea, then there is no actual cure and the jury is still out on what actually causes the condition too. But there are definitely things you can do to ease and cover the redness. Clinique’s redness solutions range is specifically created for skins with rosacea and from all reports, it’s meant to be great! Alternatively, go for an all natural skin care range (preferably organic – Jurlique and Weleda are always fab) as active and toxic ingredients will only irritate the condition. It’s also worth booking in to see a dermatologist to get some professional advice and maybe even a prescription which can calm redness that’s more severe.

As far as make-up goes, mineral is the way to go. The coverage is buildable so you can wear it light on your non-red areas and heavier where you need to. Plus, it’s very kind to sensitive and allergy-prone skins. Green concealers are also available which help to balance the red in the skin (The Body Shop, Make Up Store and Armani do great ones).

Lastly, and you’re going to hate me for this, but cut back on the red wine, coffee and spicy foods. They’re all stimulants which have been know to exacerbate the condition.

OK!'s Beauty Editor

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