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Wearing Colour

Q. How do I know what colour eye shadow will suit me?
This is quite personal but firstly you have to work out whether you want your eyes to stand out or whether you want them to blend in to enhance your overall colouring.
If it’s standing out you want, my best advice is to drop past an art shop and buy a colour wheel. Find your eye colour and then look directly opposite the circle – that’s the colour that is going to make your eyes pop! So, if you’ve got brown eyes, blue shadows will make them really stand out. If you’ve got green or hazel eyes, shop for golds and purples and if you’ve got blue eyes, coral and rich bronzes are for you.
If you want a really natural look, the key is to wear shadows that are one or two shades lighter or darker than your eye colour – but keep the tones in the same family.
Not prepared to take the full-on coloured shadow plunge? Test the water with a coloured eyeliner and wear it along your top lash line. It’ll give you just a hint of colour but the overall effect is just as good.

OK!'s Beauty Editor

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