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Winter skin care

Q. My skin always looks dull in winter. What’s the best way to care for skin in the colder months?

A. As winter settles in, there’s one crucial thing to remember – serum. Heating and change in temperatures from warm offices to the freezing outdoors wreak havoc on the skin, but a serum acts as a shield, locking moisture in and preventing skin from drying out. Ingredients to look out for are hyaluronic acid or something rich in peptides – both do amazing things for hydration, but aren't heavy on the skin.
The most common mistake people make in the winter is to replace their normal moisturiser for something rich and oil-heavy. While that’s OK for very dry or mature skin, most of us need to up the water content in our skin and not the oil. That’s why serums are fab because they won’t clog pores but they will put an end to dehydration.

Secondly, exfoliation is key through winter. Dead skin cells sitting on the surface of the skin prevents your skin care products from sinking into the deeper layers of the skin. Exfoliate once a week. After exfoliating is also the best time to apply a mask. Again, it’s when skin will be most receptive to the ingredients in the mask.

Lastly, keep a hydrating spritz on your desk and give your skin a spray at least twice a day. Jurlique Rose Water mist is fab or try Dermalogica’s Multi Active Toner.

And of course, keep up your water intake!

OK!'s Beauty Editor

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