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Anne Hathaway secretly broke her arm

Anne Hathaway was hiding a painful secret this year, after she broke her right arm falling off her bicycle.

The Dark Knight Rises star took a tumble while cruising around on her bike and admits she was so embarrassed by her clumsiness that she kept news of her medical mishap under wraps.

‘I broke my arm and kept it a secret,’ explains the star, who is married to 31-year-old actor Adam Shulman. ‘I broke it when I finished Les Misérables, just before Batman press came out. I fell off my bicycle and that's how I broke it and when my husband went to pick up my pain meds, the pharmacist was like, “Catwoman can't ride a bike?” So I was like, “Oh my God, I can't let anyone know about this.” I managed to keep it a secret. Until now.’

Anne even had to undergo surgery, but she outfoxed reporters on her press tour by taking off her splint before interviews, revealing, ‘I had to have surgery, so I didn't have to have a cast, I just had a removable splint.’

The 30-year-old beauty is no stranger to broken bones – she has previously fractured her pinky, coccyx, and left arm… twice.

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